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Palm Trees

We have a variety of palm trees 15 gal. 24' sizes. We are focused on carrying palms that will survive and thrive in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Certain palms need certain treatment, inquire within for lighting and soil requirements for specific varieties.

Tropical Plants

Tropical plants will give your yard the broad foliage and color that it needs. These plants will often provide the layers to your landscape to give you that lush natural feeling. Pairing palm trees and a variety of flowering tropical plants will give you that personal paradise resort style look to your front or backyard.

Shade Plants

Low Light? No problem! We carry plants that thrive in those shady areas of your yard.

Bushes + Shrubs

We carry a variety of 5 gal plants to fill in and add foliage or flower color to your landscape. Whether you need a hedge, colorful shrub or flowers, we will have it in our inventory.


We have evergreen and deciduous trees available for Traditional, Mediterranean, and Desert landscapes. We are focused on tree varieties that are suitable for residential needs and will not overpower your home or cause structural damage.

Privacy Plants

We offer hedging plants that will make your space your own. Inquire within to find out what variety of green wall will give you what you need.


Grasses often provide a different texture in your landscape while also offering low water and maintenance care



We carry a variety of flats, 1 gal and  5 gal plants to fill in and add foliage or flower color to your landscape.


So much more to see.... So come and visit us today !

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